Company Overview - Henan Luxury Integrated House Co., Ltd.
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Henan Luxury Integrated House Co., Ltd.
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דירוג מס'3 רבי מכר במבני פלדהFull customizationOn-site technical supportCooperated suppliers (6)Design-based customization
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It was such a great transaction buying these sheds from them.. they took the time to listen to all our requirements and needs.. gave us very nice products. for the most reasonable price.. we had very tight schedule to finish building.. we were worried that we wouldn’t have much time to finish our project.. But, they gave us the shipment even before the time we expected it.. also there’re products are very to easy to install.. except for the Roller Doors. we needed the help of professionals to install the Roller Doors.. “Amanda” did Sales for our products, she’s the best sales lady I have met on Ali Baba.. she gave us her full support, feedback, advice on installation even until the day we finish installing.. Now that is What I call “Excellent customer care”.. 😃😃Thank you so much…🙏🙏 We are looking forward to buying more Products from you’ll 😃

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Thank you Dinum, for your positive comments! I appreciate that a lot! It was really a awesome experience doing business with such a nice client! Thank you for your patience, your genuine, your kind, your generous amd your considerate! Now we really believe that GOOD BUSINESS is a win-win thing! About the roller up doors, we will come up with detailed install procedure brochure later. Where there is a need, there is a way to fix it. we are responsible for our every client. All in all, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am looking forward to doing businiess with you again too! My magical client!
18 Oct 2023
veey satified with the service and shipping altho i ordered the wrong product ..but no fault except for mine .. .
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